construction vertical software

Construction & Contracting

B&Y construction vertical solution can automate and control the entire processes of construction activity. The module is tightly integrated with finance; inventory and HR modules so that data flow between these modules are seamless. For example, the employee cost to company defined in the HR module is considered when the resource cost utilization is calculated in the projects & contracting modules. The module starts with budget allocations for the contract based on various parameters, then flows to material, man power allocations, material issues, work progress updates, time sheets, stage wise billing , and finally to project sign off and project closure. The financial processes like the retentions money, part billing, stage wise billing etc are integrated with finance module so that total financial reports on the contract is available quickly. Key reports like project progress report, project status report, variance report etc are available from the system.


Some of the key functions of the construction vertical include:

  •  Budget creation based on activity (eg :structure work, concreting, block work, etc)Product disciplines (eg :Mechanical items, Electrical items, Air conditioning equipmentetc) and Stages (eg: First floor, second floor , Villa 1, Villa 2 etc)
  •  Project code / budget code wise material planning, requisitions, issue.
  •  Material receipts / inspections
  •  Material issue, work in progress
  •  Bills approvals
  •  Budget escalations
  •  Project Variations
  •  Variation approvals
  •  Sub-contracting
  •  Track item costs separately by Materials, Labor, Equipment, Subcontract, etc.
  •  Stage wise customer billing / partial billing
  •  Provisional invoicing
  •  MIS reports

Few of the key Cash Flow, Summary Reporting available from the system include:

  •  Contract Summary
  •  Gross Margin
  •  Estimate vs. Actual By product discipline / stage / activity
  •  Estimate vs. Actual By Item With Cost Details
  •  Project status summary reports
  •  Project profitability reports
  •  Project Summary
  •  Project time sheet management
  •  Project wise Labour cost allocation
  •  Estimate vs. Actual By Job Phase