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Mobility Solutions

We have an experienced team of professionals who can create mobility applications as per the client requirements. We have capability in multiple platforms and tools as briefed below:

Android Java – for developing apps for Android Smart Phones and Tablets.

iOS – we have gained immense insight and knowledge in the platform while developing the iOS variant of the Ad streaming player for internet radios.

HTML5, Javascript, CSS – We have a vast experience in these technologies and has developed in house apps as well as apps for clients.

Windows Phone – we have been actively developing apps for this platform since the early stages of development. Metal Detector is one of the apps that has got rave reviews from the users.

Java – we have been developing apps in J2ME for Java enabled phones for the last five years.

BlackBerry – We have been working in BlackBerry Java, and its Web runtime, BlackBerry Web Works for the last three years. We have immense experience in developing apps for BlackBerry PlayBook especially using Adobe AIR.