RFID People Tracking


Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but doesn’t get you anywhere. Parents are worried sick in many cases about the physical safety of their school-going children and not without a reason. The risk of children being bullied, abused, abducted, as well as exposed to speeding vehicles is real. Such concerns often stop working parents from giving full attention to their work. The case of the elderly is not very different. Especially in their sunset years, there is a strong need to assure them that medical assistance is always at hand, should they need it. Those in advanced stages of dementia are known to lose their way even in familiar neighborhoods and become untraceable. In these and other cases, relatives and care givers want to be alerted the moment their loved ones stray out of a pre-defined safe zone.

Parental aspirations around safety and security in schools have been on the rise over the years while state mandates have gotten stricter. As a result, creating a learning environment where children not only feel safe but are indeed safety is a top priority with most schools. There are still some chinks in the security armor. For instance, there is a possibility that school children might stroll into danger zones, within the school, like swimming pool, lab or generator room.

While fabricating a solution, one needs to carefully weigh in the sensibilities of elderly people and school kids. Both value their independence and are sure to be miffed by the idea of someone shadowing them 24/7. Backed by experts with years of software development and deployment experience, B&Y People Tracking solution can help you address your need to keep watch over people while promoting your target individual’s right to privacy.

B&Y People Tracking solution involves ‘tagging’ target individuals using disposal tags, wristbands or ID cards embedded with a radio frequency identification device (RFID) chip. B&Y People Tracking solution can pinpoint the location of any person at any point of time, backed by RFID readers.

Key Benefits

  • Passive RFID technology¬† for safety
  • Location tracking
  • Configurable alerts for unusual movements
  • Entry / exit monitoring
  • Configurable for late arrival & early leaving of locations
  • Session wise attendance for attendance monitoring
  • Automated SMS / Mails alerts
  • Dash boards
  • Flexible report panel