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What is ERP Software and why it's important?

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP Software makes it easier for companies to manage their business. An ERP system can improve processes in manufacturing, distribution, and financial management. It automates important business functions such as order processing, production, inventory control and reporting.

We develop software applications that can simplify any complex supply chain operations. Our solutions allow companies to respond faster, reduce costs and deliver orders on time. Our ERP system helps manage and streamline all critical business areas. It gives a full view of all business functions such as financial, project and inventory management.
Get the expert advice and evolve your company with our comprehensive ERP solutions. We have the best ERP Software for small, medium and large sized companies in Dubai and all over UAE.

Our Products

B&Y Cloud-based ERP

Through cloud computing, ERP on Cloud allows organisations to access enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools and applications over the internet. 

B&Y Premium

B&Y Premium is a fully integrated and comprehensive ERP software that helps organisations to take full control of their business processes.


Generate leads, close deals faster, maximise profitability and manage customer relations properly with our intuitive and user-friendly CRM software.

B&Y Standard

B&Y Standard  is an integrated software solution for SME verticals that enable them to manage their business processes with one integrated solution.

B&Y HR Management Software

Manage entire employee  lifecyle with our all-in-one HR software that is integrated with vital functions such as payroll and benefits administration.

RFID Solutions

Manage and track your valuable assets with our real-time and high-performance RFID software solutions that are proven to be cost-effective and reliable.