property management software

Property Management

B&Y property and facility management solution provides a comprehensive platform for a real estate company in Dubai to enable it to effectively manage the properties it owns or manages. The facility management functions to provide accurate, up-to-date information that helps the organization deliver better customer service, reduce costs, and improve productivity across the entire organization. The module is integrated with the ERP framework to provide financial, inventory and HR-related information from a single solution. The portal interface of the solution gives an online support request register and tracking system for the tenants which enhances the flexibility of the application.


  • Property register
  • Agreement template
  • Tenant management
  • Payment, advances and penalties
  • Leased Properties
  • Property Assets
  • Asset management
  • Space management
  • Meter readings & Utility Bills
  • Agreement Register
  • Lease agreements
  • Property Allocation and de allocations
  • Maintenance register
  • Maintenance request
  • Maintenance request flow and closure
  • Maintenance history
  • Alerts and notifications on critical failures
  • Preventive Maintenance Schedules
  • Preventive maintenance Notifications
  • Maintenance team management
  • Finance and accounts
  • Inventory management
  • HR & payroll functions of staff