Asset Management Software in Dubai


Benefits of Asset Management Software

With our asset management software, companies in Dubai can track the location, quantity, condition, and maintenance of their assets. The management of assets (their selection, maintenance and inspection), determines the operational performance and profitability of businesses.

Asset Management is the art and science of making the right decisions and optimizing these processes. The Asset tracking is to track what assets a company owns, where each is located, who has it, when it was checked out, when it is due for return, when it is scheduled for maintenance, and the cost and depreciation of each asset and giving Alerts and Alarms accordingly. With the use of RFID technology, the following asset management functions can be implemented effectively;

  •  Monitoring and tracking Asset movement
  •  Better Asset visibility and Asset utilization
  •  Quickly locate the Assets and understand their status
  •  Identifies the deviations from expected Asset location or condition
  •  Access historical data to identify and eliminate operational bottlenecks
  •  Maintain the Asset inventories, validate the Asset utilization

It is very important for any Company to have a control on their assets. Management of fixed or movable Assets is a major challenge for any organization. The Asset Management Software not only simplifies the process of managing Assets but also helps in maintaining complete history of Assets with automated processes.

The Asset Management System is very user friendly, commanding tool which intensifies your business with large range of features. This is a very flexible tool, compatible with different types of readers and tags with a wide combination of reports. With wide range of features and flexibility, the Asset Management System can be simply defined as:

  •  Affordable – Easy Plug and Play installation with low cost, Re-usable Tags
  •  Reliable – Reliable too for Data Security and Maintenance.
  •  Flexible – With many user friendly features.
  •  Scalable – Easy to update with new builds and versions.
  •  Accurate – Data accuracy is maintained with automated processes of Import, Export and Verification.

Key Benefits of Our Asset Management solution

  •  Provides companies with a fully computerized tracking and management solution, avoiding the need for paper.
  •  Add more flexibility to your business with the knowledge of location and ability to recover assets with ease. Flexibility means more business.
  •  Flexibility to work with multiple readers at a time.
  •  Quickly take inventory and find out what’s missing (Out of Stock data is also maintained in database for reference).
  •  Details of Assets and assigned tags can be printed as labels using a label printer.
  •  User friendly Reports.
  •  Flexibility to modify and save all reports in a variety of formats for future reporting sessions.
  •  Provides Quick and Advanced Search facility for a particular user with flexible criteria selection.
  •  Facility to search a particular Asset with all available fields.
  •  Warranty, Maintenance and Expiry dates are maintained and Alerts and Alarms are given to user accordingly.
  •  Tracks and schedules Maintenance for your Assets to extend their life.
  •  Alerts and Alarms are given when a User or Asset enters to unpermitted area.
  •  SMS and Email alerts (Optional).
  •  Detailed data importing and exporting tools included using Microsoft Excel.
  •  Can be easily integrated with existing Inventory Management System, with new Hardware (Readers) and existing environment (LAN).
  •  Supports Organizations with multiple (Group of) Companies.
  •  Photos and Images can be added to Assets for easy identification and representation (In .jpg or .gif format)
  • Supports attaching digital images, PDFs, Word and XLS documents or scanned copies.