trading ERP Software


For trading companies, dealing with a diversity of customer requirements, variety of products along with demanding product specifications becomes business challenges. To sustain in the market, it is very important to enhance relationships with your supply chain partners to deliver the best in customer service, warehousing, logistics and distribution.

B&Y ERP provides a Faster, smarter and better way to manage your trading business by introducing a highly configurable, user-friendly solution, enabling you to save time, improve responsiveness and take control of your business.

Accurate order management information is consistently available within the Sales Order module, on a real-time basis – enabling smarter, better-informed business decisions, which really empowers you to evolve the way you operate. You gain outstanding visibility of sales orders from a single focal point.

B&Y Provides your team with the information they need to answer customers’ questions quickly with the help of easy to use view panels. The platform makes sales processing simple by handling all orders from one centralized, user-friendly system and all customer and product information are updated in real time.

The Finance and accounts functions of B&Y Core licenses are integrated with the Trading module to provide complete financial reports and dash boards from a single platform.