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Technology is so much a part of our daily lives that we almost take it for granted. The rare occasions where we experience an IT services outage is probably the only time we think of how powerful computer science and engineering really are. Behind the smooth running of enterprise technology services are teams of IT architects, application and web developers, IT project managers, big data and analytics pros, tech support people, security specialists, as well as cloud and software-as-a-service experts. Not surprisingly, demand for such talent is high and demand exceeds

Many of these training institutes have qualified faculty who keep up-to-date with the latest in real-world technology. The curriculum is also very current. But integration continues to be a weak spot for many of them. As a result, activities like student registration, exam marking, performance review and issue of certificates function as uncoordinated islands of information. The core data that is important for making high-quality decisions in any enterprise, lies dispersed across departments. Since data is not shared between functions, teams end up re-keying basic student data, resulting in duplication and human errors. By integrating islands of data within the enterprise, B&Y Training Center Management Software can provide center heads at these institutes with a consolidated view that extends across a student’s life cycle from admissions processing, through periodic assessment and progress recording, to issuing transcripts and certificates.

The B&Y Suite’s data visualization tools present students, trainers, and the management with smarter ways to engage with the organization. Students get emails and SMS alerts on programs, tuition fees, timetable, attendance levels, as well as on various student documents. Trainers typically spent a lot of time on testing and evaluation. The trainer portal of this suite not only makes such tasks much easier but also helps the trainer connect individually with the learner and create a personalized learning experience for her/him. This means slow learners and quick learners can assimilate what’s taught at their own pace. Center heads, for their part, get views on overall financials and up-to-the-minute reports, based on which they can make more effective decisions. More importantly, stakeholders can access data anytime, anywhere, and on any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC). With B&Y Training Center Management Software, decision makers can get live data at their fingertips from across functions. This gives them a better visibility of processes and enables them to make more informed decisions that help eliminate irrelevant costs and improve profit margins.

Key Features


  • Candidate registration
  •  Course enrollment
  •  Fee payments
  •  Batch & class allocation
  •  Course contents
  •  Faculty enrollment
  •  Faculty allocation
  •  Course contents
  • Examination
  •  Lesson plan
  •  Question bank
  •  Evaluation
  •  Certificate & transcript issue
  •  Employee Management
  •  Financial accounting
  •  Profitability statements